XterraPerformance com Now Selling Bucksnort bumpers

Hey guys, I have been talking with Bucksnort Bumpers and we have teamed up to bring you an amazing deal. These bumpers are at an incredible price point and shipping is out of this world!
Check them out NOW!! 2005-2014 Xterra Bucksnort Bumpers now available exclusively and in stock at Xterraperformance.com

Bucksnort Bumpers is proud to offer a new heavy duty rear bumper For your 2005-2014 Nissan Xterra. Replace your thin stock bumper with a solid built replacement bumper that can hold up in every scenario. Built from 3/16" A36 American Steel and 1/4" mounting plates. These bumpers are highly customization for the DIY off road enthusiast. These Bumpers also includes a built in receiver hitch without adding extra weight. Bumper mounts are predrilled for stock height and for vehicle with 2"Body Lift . These bumpers weigh in at an incredible 65lbs which is the same as the stock bumper weight.
2"Body Lift ready mounting holes.
Recovery points directly in line with frame for the superior strength when using bumper for recovery purposes.
Bumpers come bare metal finish.
Bucksnort Bumpers are in stock and ready for shipment.
Tire carriers not included