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Prime Jan 1, 2017

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    First off, this isn't going to be some corporate boilerplate like you'd see on other forums. You know the shiat. It says that "this site's parent company owns all content submitted and can do what it pleases with it."

    We're not like that here.

    Your stuff is your stuff. Take some responsibility.

    Lets get on with the formalities.

    1) Don't be an asshat.

    We like to have fun here. And a lot of that fun can be had at other people's expense. But if you come in here with an attitude and/or blow up over some BS that somebody said on an internet forum? Take that shiat somehwere else. Anyone found posting a LMGTFY link, not in jest, will get a 1 day ban. If someone has a question, and you have an answer, just answer it. There's no reason to make someone feel stupid for asking any question here.

    2) Speaking of shiat.

    Language. If it can't be said on prime time TV, it can't be said here. That really only leaves three words. Those words are automatically filtered out and replaced by *****s. Reorganizing the letters is fine by me. As an outsider reading it, it will take some thought to figure out what you've done. If you simply replace a letter with an accented one, like a ü or î, to bypass the filter? That's not cool. If a search pops in google and it just looks like we're swearing up a storm, it makes us look bad. Those that do it will be given one warning. Do it again and its a 10 day ban. Bitch about the 10 day ban, its a permanent ban. Remember, I'm not telling you what you can or can't say. Just what words you can't use to say it.

    3) Non starter topics

    I personally don't care what your religious or political affiliation is. That's not why we're here. So don't bring it up. Certain exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. Example, we did some brief discussion of the most recent presidential election as it was happening. No opinions, no flaming, just civility.

    Xmas doesn't count in that btw. As far as I'm concerned, that's a family holiday above anything else.
    4) XN Logos

    All XN logos and artwork are the exclusive property of XN (i.e. me, as it stands) and cannot be duplicated without explicit consent. Graveyard Graphics and Lifestyle Offroad are the only companies allowed to print and sell XN branded merchandise. So if you find it being sold by someone other than those two, let me know so I can sick the lawyers on them.

    5) Admin and Mod Rulings

    Administrators and Moderators are to be respected. If one of us deletes a post of yours, we'll tell you why in private. We won't call you out in front of the class. Feel free to respond to the staff in private if you disagree. If you complain about it in public, its a temp ban. If you complain about the temp ban, its a permanent ban.

    6) Outside Linking

    There are other Xterra boards out there. I can't get away from that. But, if someone has a question, and you happen to have the page on one of the other sites bookmarked, don't just paste the link. I don't want people to feel like their questions are being answered elsewhere. If that information is out there, feel free to link to it. But, please, talk about what's on the other side of that link. Your thought's and impressions. Don't just post the link and not talk about the content. We want people to make this their home for everything Xterra. Sending them to another site doesn't help us do that.
    7) Custom User Titles

    Under everyone's username, there is a sub title. In the past you could change this to whatever you wanted. Not any more. With the exception of the XN staff, everyone's user title will be reset to the defaults. From here on out custom user titles will have to be earned. You did or said something that stands out? That's your title. No matter how embarrassing it may be. Custom user titles will be assigned by the XN staff. Those that already have custom user titles will be reset as I come across you.

    So that there is no further confusion about user titles, here is the nomenclature and post breakdown for each one.


    That's it for right now. I'm sure something else will come up in regards to this topic, and if/when it does, I'll be sure to bring it here.
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