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  • That is what I am getting but its the 6 head not the 8 and it has to be red with flash patterns. The website im getting mine from is 149 with everything I need.
    Haha I don't think my friend would take it to the track. I drove it today and the thing has weird gears or something. Also, sadly the owner before my friend took the NOS out before he sold it but it still has the hoses and switch so he could easily add it again.
    So I just realized you are the same person on CX with the awesome green X as your avatar! Took me long enough eh? haha
    Ahh see i'm what my mom calls a double threat.. blonde and Polish! But i always say two negatives = a positive! :luv:
    Well thank you! It's def fun with the pink and blonde. Right now i'm more pink than blonde and man everywhere I go I get constant praise for it. lol
    Yea, I never had an issue either, but this was a hand-me-down cb. I'm happy with the Cobra 18 I have now. I had the 75 and i didn't like the all in one with the mic. I never could hear the darn thing. I may just look for another 18 at a local shop or used market place i have near me.
    I did! It WAS working great then out of no where the darn thing wont send my speech. I swapped mics, changed fuses and what not. I think the thing is fried. I'm going to pick up a new cb this week.
    Do you mean A picture of one? or where to order?
    the image on the top of the webpage( black text in the white box) is what the decal looks like
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