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  • Thought you might like this set up for your POV ideas. This is a 1st gen:
    I ordered me one last night off Ebay for 80 bucks. He still has a few left if you're interested...let me know and I'll shoot you a link. Does require controller but that's $40-50 bucks so all under $130ish.
    Thank you very much, Aaron. I just saw that I had a message. I really appreciate it......
    Dude, I just realized something, you should totally drag race that mud hog on the tracks! See if you can outrun its NOS! :D

    Just wanted to say "hi". I'm new to the forum and living up Fort Knox way. Maybe we'll cross paths one day. All the best, Jon
    Ba! Fixed it, thanks for the heads up. I don't know how many times I looked at it and never caught that. I should start viewing XN when I'm sober! :D
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