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  • Luke, what springs did you end up running up front? Still in the process of piling parts and weighing pros and cons of different sets.
    Yeah, they are here, the password is Xterra2 I deleted the bad ones, so these are the prime, top of the top ones.
    Well, I can't get to the forums on that site and drb said there was a sticker order form on there in order to get access to the forum there but I don't see it and can't seem to find it?
    Where can I find the sticker for the southeastxterra.org to see the forum? I don't see it anywhere on the site?
    Sorry man. I was having trouble getting set up on XN. I posted on CX and was going to meet Aaron but it turns out Verizon doesn't have service from just outside of Louisville til almost Nashville so he couldn't call me. Then Dave slept late after a long night and I missed him too. I'm going to try to make it to the toy drive at Newton Nissan so maybe you can see it then.
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