Calling All Veterans


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Army Air Cav Veteran here. '07 to '12. Spent some time in Iraq with a Task Force providing close air support to SF, PJs and ODA. Broke my ankle in 2010 and got med boarded. I miss many parts of service, but other parts, not so much. I. Glad to see theres a section here for us.


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GADS!!!! You guys aren't even dry behind the ears. ;)

I was a fly boy from '67 to '71. Radar maintenance, 771st Radar Squadron, Cape Charles AFS Virginia and then 710 AC&W, Tin City Alaska.


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Austin, TX
United States Navy Vet here, Spent 2005-2011 on a Fast Attack Submarine (Fast, Black, and never coming back!) based out of Norfolk, VA. 6 years and 5 deployments was enough for me...

I was an Electronics Technician (Navigation).

Any other bubbleheads on here?



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Please accept this thank you from all of the civilians here at XN. We thank you for your service and the sacrifices both you and your family endure while serving. If I ever meet any of you in person while at events, I will shake your hand and say it again in person. Thank you.


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I did my time 6 years USAF. There I was electronics mechanic. Then I did time in Utah ANG as a 13E. That was not enough so then was in USNR as a aviation electrician on P-3's.


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last time I walked in an american PX was in Kandahar Airfield. back in 2010/2011. it's looking like there will be one where I am getting deployed to this summer

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Burgaw N.C.
Right here. US Army air defender from 1/91-6/95. If it flies it dies! Was a 16R and then 14R series.

I spent 1 year at Fort Hood, then another 3 glorious years in Kitzingen Germany. Was a magical time....
Army national gaurd 19 kilo. M1 A1 Abrams Tanker 2007-2015. Deployments to Afghanistan and Kosovo


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Just saw this thread. I was USAF ‘98-‘06. Only one “real” deployment to Afghanistan, and was stationed in Virginia, Belgium, and Arizona.

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USMC '17-'21 Nothin but peacetime deployments to Japanistan, ITX in 29 palms, and lots of fun in the rain in sunny Camp Lejeune