Windshield wipers only return to the bottom, don't wipe? 2010 Xterra

MichaelAngelo Feb 17, 2021

  1. MichaelAngelo

    MichaelAngelo Test Drive

    Had the windshield snow over. When I started the truck the wipers returned to the bottom of the windshield only and no longer wipe.

    I can manually turn the wipers they are still linked, and there is still resistance telling me that the linkage and the motor is still connected - but they don't wipe?

    I find it odd they will shoot back down to the bottom of the windshield when I turn the power on, but they don't wipe. every now and then they will quiver, even if the wipers are set to off.
  2. CHUG

    CHUG Need Bigger Tires Supporting Member

    McMinnville, Orygun
    Could they have stripped?, from the added snow/ice. and only quiver in place?.
    do they cycle full stroke.. Or just Quiver in spot.

    would suspect that is the issue Or the motor mount Hub is stripped?. Only thing I can think of..
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  3. TerryD

    TerryD Total Tease Supporting Member

    Covington, Va
    Sounds like something about the wiper motor is done for.
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  4. General_Tarfun

    General_Tarfun Need Bigger Tires Supporting Member

    Atlanta, GA
    Agreed, it reminds of how some power window motors act when they're dying.
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