Team Xterra Racing Gofundme!

Hey Xterra Peeps.
Time to Rally!
I recently have been a little bit quit on this board. Not because I don't care about you guys but because I have been greasing wheels and working on new projects.
The newest and biggest project is Team Xterra Racing. Yep, you heard me right! The old Yellow xterra you have all seen in ancient posts is being resurrected and brought out to rekindle the racing blood of the Nissan community!
I recently talked to Dave,(truck owner) and We have come to the agreement that If I can fund the racing bill for the year he has the truck ready to race with a new 20" travel suspension and willingness to show me the ropes and help me learn to drive it! I will be emptying the coffers to make this happen but after 2014 the Marketing budget is depleted and I just don't have the kind of budget to fully fund the race team on my own. That Is why I am asking you all! the Xterra community to help me fulfill tis dream and help me bring the Big yellow X back to into the spotlight! This truck is absolutly amazing and I am very confident that if we all come together we can defiantly win a podium spot in this years Best In The Desert Race series.
I started a Gofundme Account to ask for your donations. Truly Anything you can spare helps. I am asking for 20$ but if you can only afford 1$ That is still greatly appreciated! Share the link on FB, instagram, Twitter and anywhere else you can to help me make this a reality!
For those of you that don't know what I am rambling about here are a couple pics of this amazing Truck as well as a link to a short blog about it back in its heyday...BLOG [/URL[URL=] [/URL[URL=]
Now that Christmas is over we are kicking it into overdrive to get ready for our first Race. The Mint 400, 12-15 March 2015, will be a huge opportunity to get the Xterra Name and Logo out in the face of off roaders everywhere. This race is the Most televised and has the most media coverage of any off road race in the states. I have been working on bringing more sponsors in and there are some really great possibilities looming on the horizon. The GoFundMe Campaign has really started to get some traction and We have received some great donations from fellow X owners and Friends. I truly think that the X community is the best out there and to be "sponsored" by you all would be the best way to push the need for more aftermarket support for the X. With racing comes product development and testing. This alone will help us test out and bring hot new stuff for our X's. Every $ counts Click on this link to support Team Xterra Racing and help us get on the Podium for this 3 Race series!
Hey guys. Haven't updated this much but that just means you all get a huge update post now.
The truck has been getting lots of small bits and pieces fixed and tweaked. We have been pretty pressed for time now and all the little stuff is adding up! We will be racing the mint 400 on Saturday the 14th. There should be media coverage so check your local TV listing for race updates. Funding is going very well thanks to all the awesome support from all you Xterra lovers and fans. I can confidently say that there will be products that come from the race tested prototype stuff we are doing!
So without further adieu. Pics!!

That should be enough for now. Lots more to follow.
Make sure and check out our FB team Xterra racing
Also, I just got shirts made and will post pics of those asap. I will be giving shirts out for every donation over 20$ to the gofundme campaign. Every dollar counts!
Thanks for your support guys!

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Looking good amigo.. Glad to help out and its been fun chatting with you about this on the NNP