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crazikyle Jun 26, 2020

  1. crazikyle

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    Hey y'all, my '04 has finally died on me. It will no longer start. I've had this issue for a while where when I go turn the key to crank it, and nothing happens. It behaves as if it would start normally. The accessories lose power, the dash stays fully illuminated, the fuel pump whines, but there is no cranking. The starter does nothing, and I don't hear any relays or anything going off. I used to be able to keep turning the key and it would eventually crank, but that no longer works. Had to pop start it to get home.

    I've eliminated the clutch interlock switch by unplugging the connector and bypassing it with a paperclip. My battery is only a few months old, and the issue was happening with my old battery and new one even when it was freshly installed. I think it might be the starter, but I want to see if there's anything else I can check before firing the parts cannon at it. Is there a starter relay I can check or any other tests I can do to eliminate other possible causes? I know the starters aren't too reliable on the first gens, but just want to be sure it's not something simple. Thanks!
  2. meisanerd

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    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    Not sure how applicable it is (second gen), but mine would have random no-start issues that ended up being a cheap key. The transponder was super-flaky, so sometimes it wouldn't authenticate. The fix was to stop using that key.

    On mine, it would be blinking the security light on the dash when it failed to work.
  3. CHUG

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    Bad Key, can be issues..
    I recall someone had issue.. with a a Security Fob on key ring. Was conflicting with the X's Brian trying to start.

    Faulty key would be suspect. As with check battery connections.
    all I got.
  4. Alien

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    Gilbert AZ
    Try turning your headlights on and then starting the engine. If there's no change in the lights, it's the starter. Hope this helps!

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