New 75l fridge/freezer

New 75l fridge/freezer On Sale now 100$ off and free shipping

This is a true refrigerator and chest freezer all in one, not simply a beverage chiller or beverage cooler. Two separate compartments reach temps as low as -0.4°F in the freezer compartment and 23°F in the refrigerator compartment. Each compartment is controlled with an extremely powerful premium quality compressor style cooling technology. The high quality, reliable electronics help reduce energy consumption making this Portable Refrigerator and Chest Freezer and efficient, low energy consumption portable option for keeping goods cold or frozen.
Great for RV's, Boats, Campers, Campsites

Highly Efficient
73.5 L Total Capacity
Body is Painted Metal Exterior
Stainless Steel Handle with Thick ABS Plastic
Stainless Steel Spring Loaded, Self Closing Door Clips
Powerful Compressor Style Cooling Technology
Double Compartment Storage. (Freezer/Refrigerator)
12 Volt, 24 Volt and 110 Volt Compatibility
Features a TURBO for Faster Cooling
Dual LED Display
Product Specifications
Net CapacityFridge Compartment 27.5 L | Freezing Compartment 46 L
Temperature RangeFridge Compartment 23-50°F | Freezing Compartment -0.4-10.4°F
Refrigeration DeviceCompressor
Power InputDC: 55 W; AC 65 W
Input VoltageDC: 12/24 Volt (Self Adaptive) | AC 110 Volt
Product Dimension3.1 x 1.49 x 1.82 (ft) | 37.4 x 17.9 x 21.9 (inches)
Net | Gross Weight55.1 lbs. | 62.8 lbs.
CoolantR-134a CFC Free

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Lafaytte, la
Nice, As always your a few months to late... I have a really similar designed one for my camper. I have tested it and it works great.

One thing to note. Either compartment can be setup as a fridge or freezer. So if you want a larger freezer and smaller fridge you can. or both freezers. ECT.

P.S. Your link does not work.