Gen2 R180 4.10 Gears?


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For quite a while now I've been kicking around the idea of having 4.10 gears cut for the R180.
I really thought that most people would want to titan swap before gearing that low but it looks like there are quite a few people that have expressed otherwise on other message boards. So, now I'm bringing it to the nation to see what you guys think.

How many of you guys would be likely to buy? and in what kind of time frame?

In order for me to keep a proper count all the feedback organized, Please comment on the blog post here:

Thank you for your feedback.
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So, for those who aren't as technically savy as yall awesome folks, what are the benefits of this?

So, your R180 has 3.13 gears (or so) if you have a non-OR model or 3.36 if you do. When you want to push bigger tires, your engine gets bogged down due to the increased rolling resistance of the tires. This means your acceleration is drasticly decreased (depending on how big you go). These gears, when matched with the rear axle, will return some of that acceleration by math and space magiks.

But really, they do return your acceleration back after larger tires... And possibly some MPGs.