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  • Hey, Obi-Krash,
    Since you're in Richmond and I'm in Spotsylvania, thought you may have some ideas. Was checking my radiator support while i had my grill out and found major rust and breakdown on that item.
    Do you know any Xers or Fabricators local that give me a good deal and great repair on this?
    New to the Nation and to Xs i general and will only be doing mild mods when i get started. I noticed you were a fellow Virginia and thought i may get an answer to a question i posted yesterday, my first, but that nobody has responded to. Hope you can help.
    I installed a rear view cam and monitor in my 2003 se and it seems to work only if i don't have my foot on the brake. The monitor is hooked to what i thought was the reverse positive wire at the gear shift, but was probably not. service manual says the wire should be y/r for the reverse connection. I have no idea where it could be. The one i hooked it to was the only one with power, but was not y/r. any advice? Bobby J
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