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  1. Sam Shirzad
  2. Smileyshaun
    Where there’s a welder there’s a way
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  3. DaveX2
    Sold my 2002 Sc last spring missed it so much I bought a 2015 Pro4 X. It shares the garage with my 350Z Roadster.
  4. Shadowdragon
  5. 12° North Industries
    12° North Industries
    Thankful for the momentum our Nissan family has given us... Thank you
  6. h8zgray
    Resist the urge to be an A$$hole...
  7. hexterra
    32" C-load duratracs or 33" E-load?
  8. Frank the Tank
    Frank the Tank
    Are we there yet?
  9. Kirzzy
    Ag, moving again......
  10. scoyoc
    Can't wait until Friday!
  11. bigjim247365
    if you think this is bad, you should see me on Discord
  12. Zerksy
    Fixin' the old X up
  13. Hetzer
    Hetzer Richard
    Awesome. I wish I could trade places with you. It's been too long since I've been to the P.I. Maybe next year.
  14. Richard
    Here in the Philippines heading to Boracay today for fun, sun, golf and......................
  15. Bow_Tied
    Probably but I doubt it.
  16. Paul Gill
    Paul Gill
    I need help with my Nissan X
  17. Paul Gill
    Paul Gill AnObfuscator
    What part of Texas?
    I live on College Station tx.
  18. Paul Gill
    Paul Gill
    Okay I have tried many of times to upload my 2014 Nissan Xterra 4x4.
  19. BCXterra
    Ski box is on. Awaiting the snow.
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  20. scoyoc
    Developed a new route, a loop from Moab to Kokopeli and back to Moab. The Loco Koko! Description coming soon to a build thread near you.
  21. Richard
    Just a happy guy!
  22. nalley4
    Newbie Xterra owner. Since May and looking to Mod. Just trails and light mud. Nothing extreme. 2002 X 4x4, PML, just slowly getting started.
  23. Xfinder
    Winter is coming and my diff lock dont want to engage , damn it ‍♂️
  24. Xfinder
    Winter is coming
  25. scoyoc
    Kokopeli next weekend!
  26. Mjtile28
  27. Mjtile28
  28. Dansterra
    Dansterra Prime
    Glad to be here
  29. scoyoc
    Slayed Find and Things with PhullD today!
  30. scoyoc
    Fins & Things and Hells Revenge tomorrow
  31. Xfinder
    disasembling the roof rack. Rivnuts stay in place every bolt move lucky.starting to sand the roof tomorrow and prep to remove the windshield
  32. XterraPA
    I always in between breaking things.
  33. 2002NissanX
    Buyers beware of ordering anything from Calmini products in Bakersfield, CA.
  34. General_Tarfun
    Getting an alignment done after installing the new lower control arms
  35. RickyK
    Hi. New guy here. First X. First 4wd. 2004, had it since January.155,000 miles. Paint job and interior great except headliner coming loose.
  36. Xterrorista
    Xterrorista Maxterra
    Hey Maxterra!

    Do you have a website or member page for selling your sliders? I'm in the market and someone mentioned you make them too. Would rather give my $$$ to a fellow Xer~

    1. AdventureRider81
      Aug 15, 2019
  37. bigskypylot
    bigskypylot PhullD
    Hey man, I'd love to meet up but I'll be out of town for a new job and training. Bummer for sure but I can point you to a few good spots
    1. PhullD
      I'm all ears for suggestions in Colorado and Utah.
      Aug 10, 2019
  38. bigskypylot
    bigskypylot PhullD
    Hey! Will you be posting your Aux-Tank How-to over here on XN??
    1. PhullD
      I'll probably move the ABS mod and that over at some point, a bit busy right now planning the trip, going to a wedding etc. You booked up on weekends at all? Maybe you can meet me for a trail run or something in the first weekend of September (6th) and you can see it all in person.
      Aug 10, 2019
  39. bigjim247365
    owo headlights are best headlights.
    1. Fromfrontier2Xterra
      Aug 10, 2019
  40. AdventureRider81
    AdventureRider81 AlbatrossCafe
    Hey Derrick,

    Any suggestions before I start my 1" BL tonight? Do I have to disconnect the upper rad hose? what wire harnesses should I disconnect/lossen/relocate. What to look for?
    1. AlbatrossCafe
      That's the beauty of the 1" BL! Nothing to disconnect or move. No rad adjustment or power steering bracket like the 2" BL requires. Add the pucks and you are good to go.
      Aug 10, 2019
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