TGPWS 10: The Tentacle Invasion


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One of our concert venues sent out they were hosting this today...

@bigjim247365 you going? She'll be in Chicago.
Hatsune Miku is a music software developed by Crypton Future Media, INC., which enables anyone to make their computer sing by entering lyrics and melodies. As a massive number of users created music using the software and posted their works on the Internet, Hatsune Miku quickly evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Since then, Hatsune Miku has gained much attention as a character, involved in many fields such as merchandising and live performance as a virtual singer. Now her popularity has spread across the globe.'s an anime AI concert..............

This is the end times.


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No its ended a few years ago. There was a virtual Ozzfest hosted by Decentraland on Metaverse, turned out to be one of the worst things ever. Seriously I think rabies is actually better than this Ozzfest was.
Doesn’t Ozzy have rabies? He should!1708641946498.jpeg
This just in. “Ozzy Osbour e confirmed as the source of both COVID and two headed babies”