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You do remember what a book is right? :)

I don't read a lot but here are a few books I've read.


The SAS Survival Guide is very informative but is very dry and hard to get through, honestly I still have a few chapters to read before I re-read it in hopes more information sinks in.

Now on the other hand if you are looking for good information that is fun to read you need to check out Cody Lundin. Yes he is a dirty
shoeless hippy, but, he knows his stuff and I love his motto, "the more you know the less you have to carry."


I have plans to read his second book to. It is more of a "city" survival guide.



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This I could get into. I completely agree about Cody Lundin! Hippy dude knows a lot though. My wife HATES him. I can't even watch that show with her around because she starts talkin crap the second she sees him.
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my favorite survival books:
Army FM 21-76 (Survival Manual)
Army FM 21-76-1 (Survival, Evasion, and Recovery)