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driftscape May 14, 2020

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    I thought I'd share about this information in case people are not aware. I also have no idea where to post this so I figured this would be the best spot. For those who have a 2nd Gen Xterra. I found out about ShadowWolf through one of Nissan Nation Production's video:


    Nissan Nation Productions used to be known as Nissan Nation Podcast and recently changed their name for those that don't know.

    ShadowWolf is a company based out in Florida who are making SAS kits for 2nd Gen Xterras. I reached out to them and asked them if they would be making 1st Gen Xterra SAS kits. I finally got a response back yesterday and this is what they had to say...

    It's unfortunate no 1st Gen Xterras SAS kits, but great for 2nd Gen Xterras. I was hoping they would make them because I've read about CALIMI's bad rep and was hoping to dodge them and find a different company for a SAS kit.

    You can find their website here: Currently their website isn't fully functional as of yet. Anyhow, I thought I'd share this info to those who are unaware.
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