New and old News plus all the big changes that are coming.

Hey Guys,
I have been away from you all on here for far to long. Family and my 2 Jobs and Racing have put a heart on my forum time and its been a very busy year for me! Because XP has become so busy this year I have been forced to make some big decisions this year concerning the future of the business. As many of you know I run XP as a side business. I am also an active duty military member and have a family that takes a lot of time!
The growth of the business this year was beyond my wildest dreams and it has caused some serious drop in customer service! I want to apologize to any of you guys that may have had orders missed, shipped late or just sent me an email with questions. I have tried to get back to everyone and cover everything but its a lot to cover! Since Moab I have been in talks with Chris From Nisstec lifts about doing some business together. After some lengthy heart to heart talks we have decided to Merg the companies. I will not be going away and neither will XP. I will be taking a much larger roll in both companies helping with marketing, Product development and sales. Nisstec will be taking over most of the logistics and sales portions of the business. With all these changes I want you to all know that Chris and I both are on the same page when it comes to the Nissan off road market. This is a passion for both of us and we think that with our powers combined we can really start to make big moves in the industry to help get more quality products out to you guys! I wanted to thank all you guys that have bought from me and supported us so far and let you know this is going to be a really great move for everyone!
I hope you guys will stick with us and continue to support us small business owners! I hope to be able to have far more time to hop on here and chat with you and keep you all up to date with The Team Xterra Racing, The FRonTerra Build and The Red dragon build. Updates to those will hopefully be going up soon ! Cheers


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Wow! That's amazing news! I'm glad things are going so well for XP.

Thanks for all you do. Not only in your official military capacity, but in support of this Nissan off road world that we all love.
Basically this merger will be very good in terms of buying power! More profit means better stock buying margins. Better margins mean more R/D money. More RD money means super sick new products, better raffle items and more event/club sponsorships!!

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