Long overdue update

Hey Guys,
I have not been around here much lately but I want to drop in and let you all know whats been going on with XterraPerformance.com and What you can expect from this coming year!

Last year for the team was a bit of a struggle with the truck and just getting out to all the races after the initial expenses of getting the truck running and then racing and then breaking into mile 50 at Vegas to Reno. Since them we have fixed the truck and out a ton of miles on the new parts. The Next race is the mint 400 and We are very excited to Race! We are still in need of support and some funding help to try and defray all the costs of desert racing but I am confident we will be able to pull it all together and get this thing on the podium this year! If anybody is interested in coming out and helping pit crew with us please email me at XterraPerformance@gmail.com!
Also We are working on a new website TeamXterraRacing.com Should be up and working in the next few days!
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Nisstec Lifts and XP.
As some of you may have Heard Nisstec and XP have teamed up this year. Danny has taken a new role as director or Marketing and Sales For Xterra performance and Nisstec lifts will be taking over a large portion of the Logistics and support that has long been needing some help at XP.
This merger is really going to help solidify the market and create a much larger opportunity for Both Danny and Chris to focus on bringing the best Nissan Off road products to the market! Please remember that we are still a small business and that every sale helps us. The more product we sell to you guys the more money we have to invest in new products and buying straight from the manufacturers for better prices.
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