Fishin Pics

farley27 Dec 20, 2011

  1. westslope

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    So, tell me, what do fresh Striped Bass taste like?
  2. TheCrabby1

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    I would say they taste more like a white perch with thicker, firmer white meat and less of the so called fishy taste you would get with fish that spend their entire life in the ocean. Striped Bass go between brackish water ; Chesapeake-Delaware bay other tributaries along the coast to spawn in and live in till big enough to venture into the ocean , and then they return each year in spring to these water's for some fish booty. Hopefully they get to meet Mr Shimano when they come to visit the upper part of the Bay ;) I also like to pickle some in the fall and winter , the vinegar cure's the meat and the pickling spice's and red Cayenne give it a flavorful kick !!:eek:
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    3 in the snow today.

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