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hey whats up guys. so i am wondering what are they causes for the airbag light to turn on? i did the key flash trick, with absoltely no success. ive been trying it since may of last year (2011) what can cause the air bag light to flash? i believe its a 2 long flash and 6 or 8 short ones. anywhere i can check that without paying 200$ from the stealership?

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It's actually not a code breaker, per se. When you do that procedure, it runs a diagnostic program of the SRS system, and once it realizes that everything is connected and working, it turns the warning light off. But yeah, there's actually quite a lot of things you can change in the BCM without connecting it to the Consult II computer diagnostic system that Nissan uses. I don't know any off hand, but there's a number of them listed in the FSM. Unfortunately, they're not all listed in one place; each individual parameter that can be changed is listed in the diagnostics of that section. For instance, the procedure for changing how the doors automatically lock/unlock would be in the section for doors/windows, while the airbag diagnostic procedure that I posted above is in the airbag section of the FSM. Dig through the FSM and you'll see a few of these procedures here and there.


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So...the dealership told me a few years ago my airbag light was flashing because of a bad sensor to the tune of a few hundred bucks...saw this thread this morning, tried it and what do you more blinking light!!!! Thanks dude!!!