A Real Dilemma! Advice needed


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OK, now that I'm getting close to having everything I need for the swap - I am really really really really really tempted to put these one ton axles on my 109" Land Rover. Someone please talk me into it (or out of it)







At my new job my X will have to be a dedicated daily driver (I lost my company vehicle at my last job). SO any down time will be a major obstacle in my ability to get to work. Also if I break down on the trail I will wonder how I'll be getting to work. The X also weighs a ton, and is a full bodied rig - will have to worry about body damage. No so much on the LR. The LR is also a lot lighter, less top heavy. Its really a dilemma! On the other hand the 4 cylinder 2.25 LR motor and trans will have to go - so a whole new driveline will be installed - so there's that cost. On the plus side its a 1975 so no CA smog crap to worry about. Plus having a LR that would do this would be really impressive:



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Why not find you a little DD.. a sentra or honda... something very cheap and awesome on gas... It may set you back a few months on the SAS but in the end you may be much happier
with where you were taking the X.

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Same. I would consider a Sentra or a Focus or even a scooter, just something to get you to work if you have unexpected down time with the Xterra.


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Yeah, the LR would be fun to make that way but for me I love seeing classic cars and trucks closer to a restoration than SAS, however that is a sweet pic.

I'm with the other guys, get a DD that is meant to be a DD. Your X isn't meant to be a DD regardless of how you down size it lol.


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Depends I suppose which vehicle do you like more? Ive found its easier to deal with the headaches involved with an sas when you reallyvwant to be back in the vehicle you love to drive. After my sas I enjoy DDing my X much more hell just sitting at work & seeing it hanging out in the parking lot helps a bad day at work.


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The British are coming! The British are coming! :w00t:

That is a very cool rover, looks like it's in pretty fair shape as well. I'm not well versed in rovers, how rare are they? What are your plans for it, resto or mod? Reminds me of something out of a movie set on an African safari.

Bottom line you are the only one that knows the best decision to make. We can't possibly consider all your circumstances. I know if I tried to explain why I have 2 classic Broncos and an Xterra, it would take a while, and some wouldn't understand, but it makes perfect sense to me.

The most practical decision could be the wrong one if it makes you unhappy. The one that makes you happiest might ruin you financially. There is a compromise in there somewhere that you'll ultimately find.

Good luck to you with your decision, either way you go you got two nice 4x4's.


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Sell the Rover and get a Patrol. Then throw those one tons under it.

Plenty of guys willing to pay through the nose for the LR's. Might pay for the Patrol and the mods to it with the money.


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Id say get a true dd that is cheap and gets good gas mileage. Then finish you sas and restro the LR.

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Id say semi restore the rover and enjoy it. I really love the looks of them as they are. Why not just dd the rover if you have unexpected downtime on the x? It would only be for a few days.