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  • Hey Maxterra!

    Do you have a website or member page for selling your sliders? I'm in the market and someone mentioned you make them too. Would rather give my $$$ to a fellow Xer~

    Hey Dave, I know you have not met me but hopefully you remember me from the forums. I'm on my crazy trip. Right now I'm broken down. My trailer is in Mt. Pleasant. My vehicle is at the dealer in Orem. My axle shafter started coming out and my rotor was wearing on my caliper. I'm currently in a hotel in Orem. I don't know where you were you are located. But every hotel I talk to says there sold out on the 4th. I don't know if I will be up and running by then or not. Are you near Orem? Would you have a couch I could crash on if the time comes?


    Derrick Metz
    Hey! On your rear sticker pic, it looks like you upgraded the entire rear light housing to be LED instead of just changing the bulbs. Is that right? If so, what do you think if it, what company did you get it from, how much was it, etc, etc?? I have LED'd the interior and now it's time to move to the exterior so it caught my eye and my interest. If not and it's jusy the sunlight that made it look that way, never mind!!
    I look forward to your reply.
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