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    Non Skid Cargo Mat

    Gear slides all over the place in the back. I have tried common non skid materials but no joy so far. Any solutions other than the hold downs? 2011 Pro4X stock.
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    Rear Brakes not Grabbing

    All stock. Looking for tire suggestions.
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    Rear Brakes not Grabbing

    Winter is upon us and as I drive down a small embankment covered in ice, my ABS kicks in and slides with only the front wheels on the ice. The rear brakes do not seem to be doing anything. As it is winter and miserable to do anything outside, I have not yet checked the function of the rear...
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    Whining Front Diff - Next Steps?

    I did the fluid change on my 2011 Pro4X and filled it with Valvoline until it ran free from the fill port. Once settled I plugged it and ran it. Shortly after it developed a slight squeak on left turns from a cold start. Planning on doing another drain/fill and seeing what gives.
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    Slow roll squeak from front upon first movement in morning. 2011 Pro4X.

    Upon its first movement in the morning, the X has a low volume slow rolling squeak from the front left. It can be from a straight forward roll to a left turn roll at very low speed. It disappears once the initial squeak occurs and is gone until it sits for a while again. Just changed the front...
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    2011 Xterra Pro4X
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    2011 Xterra Pro4X
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    2011 Xterra Pro4X
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    Vibration when idling

    Despite the TSB of which I am aware, I have managed to tame several beasts such as an Explorer and a Volvo S80. The Xterra just seems to want to idle rougher. No apparent issue with the engine mounts. I performed the idle relearn and various simple engine maintenance tasks, yet even though it...
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    What's Hiding Under The Rubber Trim ?

    Same issue on my 2011 Pro4X. I have the red colour and had to remove and reseal the painted are under the rubber. Before putting the rubber channel back on, I thoroughly cleaned the inside channel as it was loaded with dirt, and rust particles. I then lubed it with Dielectric Grease before...
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    Vibration when idling

    Same here. 650 RPM rough idle at stop in gear. Cleaned Throttle Body and replace d the MAF, (Hitachi). Out of gear in Neutral much smoother and same RPM. Coupling with the drive train may indicate other issues. Going to change the ATF to Valvoline Max Life. Simple drain and fill plan. Fluid...