Unusual handling, mid duty coils & OME shocks


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So I was running Rancho 9000 series struts on the mid setting and then I added an ARB steel bumper. Even at the stiffer setting (9) the X dived when I applied the brakes, expected due to the additional weight.
I purchased a winch and in preparation for the even more heavy front and to alleviate the diving issue, I sourced a set of OME NiteoCHARGER shocks with medium duty coils. I added a small spacer on top (0.75in, for a 1.5in additional lift).
I just tested the suspension and it feels bouncy - I hit a hole or a rut kr something and the suspension feels like floating, I cannot explain it.

I was thinking in going back to the Ranchos but then I would have the diving.
I also thought about adding the winch to see if the additional weight helps.
I could also remove the spacer.

Tires are ar 34~35psi IIRC.

Any suggestion on similar experiences will be appreciated.


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With the bumper and winch I think you definitely need the heavy coils instead of the medium. If you have the OME shocks I think it should feel good with the OME heavy springs. I put those springs on 5100s and it was terrible due to their valving.


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I would pull the lift spacer and try it without them to make sure you're not topping out the shocks.

Try that first. The OME should be around 1.5" lift and then a 0.75" spacer (1.5" lift) is pretty tall. Our stock front suspension doesn't do well with over 2" of total lift.