1. xdblduty

    xdblduty Test Drive

    I'm looking for a smaller setup but has to have dual axles, 20ft or shorter, less than 4000 dry weight. Anybody has a Winnebago Micro, Lance, RPod, etc. with suggestions and comments? My 2nd Gen Off-Road is 3" lifted with standard Class III hitch. Main concerns are towing capability, sway, weight distrib, etc.

    Appreciate your takes on any of these. Thanks guys!!
  2. AdventureRider81

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    Long Beach
    Check out DaGrotX on YouTube. He towed a 6k lb trailer with his frontier in the video. It wasn't optimal. His opinion in 4k lbs is the max comfortable weight for a Fronty. Mainly due to engine power. He was struggling up hill. It's a good watch. Maybe a 10 min video.

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