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Was wondering if anyone has used this app for they're X?

I got the torque app and the veepeak vp11 reader and I can not get it to connect to the ecu for the life of me! Help please!


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Several of us have, and I even started a thread about it a while back.

As far as Torque recognizing the reader, obviously make sure the reader is getting power from your OBD II, and ensure that bluetooth is turned on in your phone. Then connect to the reader in your phone's bluetooth settings, and if all that is good to go, make sure Torque is reading the correct reader information.

Without sitting in front of mine and going through it, I remember the whole connection process being pretty straightforward. The last time I had it running I was on my Android phone, and that was well over a year ago. I haven't tried it on my iPhone yet.


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Critical questions.

iPhone or Android? And exactly what reader did you get?

I didn't care for Torque. I prefer to use DashCommand.


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There is also an issue with having the pandora app on the phone and tourqe connecting.

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Thanks for the responses guys!

So I ended up troubleshooting the actual component to be bad, my friend has the exact same one, his was good and I was able to connect using his.

This is all on my android tablet, I have iPhone but figured the tablet could be put to good use there. Haven't tried dash command, I'll have to weigh the pros and cons of both. To answer your question, the reader is a veepeak vp11 it's a cheapo but had really good reviews.


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I like the OBDLINK app better than the torque app.

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