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Joe Jan 11, 2019

  1. Joe

    Joe Test Drive

    I am new to the Xterra world and thinking of buying my first one.
    Someone that works in my company has a 2004 with the 5 speed. He bought this new and it has been garage kept. He is meticulous with it and it is in great shape inside and out. It has almost 125k on it. I took it for a test drive and other than a couple heat shield rattles it seems pretty solid and seemed to run good with plenty of power. It does seem to be geared pretty low and he did tell me that it does not like highway use as it winds out pretty good at around 70mph.

    I called in the vin and found that it did have the steering arm recall fixed on it in 2010. Other than regular maintenance he has not done much to the truck. A couple things I was concerned with is that it has never had a clutch replacement or timing chain/belt replacement. At this many miles I do not want to get into a money pit situation.

    The only other thing I noticed when I took it for a drive was that it wandered the road bad and when hitting holes or grooves it the road you have to compensate bigtime with the steering to get it back on track. I know this can be any number of front end parts or multiple parts that need to be replaced.

    I tried to upload some pictures of the truck but could not find a way to do it on this site. Xterra1.jpg Xterra2a.jpg Xterra3a.jpg Xterra4a.jpg Xterra5.jpg Xterra7.jpg . He is going to be asking around 4k when he sells it in the spring.
  2. Prime

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    Looks really clean. I take it the timing belt got done at 105k like it's supposed to be?

    As long as you keep up the maintenance these trucks are indestructible. 125 is just starting to get broken in.

    Take a look at the door sticker. You should see some letters at the bottom that reads HG46 or HG49 under the axle field. That is the axle gearing of the truck. If it's got the 4.9s that's ideal. I rocked my 1st gen with 33s and 4.9 gears until I sold it. Drove great. Though the truck is underpowered for its size, it's an offroad beast.

    The steering wander could be a ball joint or tie rod. Nothing major. 4k is a fair price for a clean unmolested 04.
  3. Bushnut

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  4. kirk

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    Allen, Texas
    Shoot as clean as that is, I wouldnt hesitate to offer at or near $4k for that. And I am partial to that color big big. Buy it immediately.

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