The Shocker Run - Midnight - March 15th & 16th, 2019


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The 2019 Shocker Run
has reached threat level MIDNIGHT as the 12th annual event hits up Rausch Creek Offroad Park on March 15th and Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area on March 16th.

This event is open to all makes and models of 4x4 vehicle, not just Nissans, barring that the vehicle is safe and trail ready. If you own a Jeep, Chevy, Toyota, Subaru or a Ford and you want to attend, you can! The same goes for any friends with non Nissans that want to attend, all are welcome!

The event is also open to skill levels of offroading. Whether this is your 1st time offroad or your 100th, The Shocker Run is tailored for your comfort level. We will have several trail groups designations from basic to advanced with talented trail leaders to get you through the trails safely while having fun and challenging your vehicle. A safety and damage free day(s) is our main goal during the Shocker Run.

We are very happy to announce that Kelsea's Kitchen will be on site at AOAA serving hot coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday March, 16th! They will have a large menu of fresh and hot food items for sale, such as burgers, dogs, cheesesteaks, fresh cut fries, drinks, and more! Hot food for a cold Shocker Run!

The raffle will also be held at the end of the trail run on Saturday March 16th, in the AOAA Pavilion Area in the parking lot. Cash is best for raffle tickets and merchandise, but we can accept credit cards too!

When: March 15th & 16th, 2019

March 15th
Rausch Creek Off-Road Park
- 453 Molleystown Road Tremont, PA 17981 - (570) 695-3900 Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

March 16th
Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area
- 4100 State Route 125, Coal Township, PA 17866 - (570) 648-2626

Time: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Lodging: Twin Grove KOA - 1445 Suedberg Road, Pine Grove, PA 17963. (717) 865-4602
Comfort Inn - 433 Suedberg Road Pine Grove, PA 17963 - (570) 345-8031
Hampton Inn - 481 Suedberg Road, Pine Grove, PA 17963 - (570) 345-4505

Dinner: O'Neals Pub - 112 South Tulpehocken Street Pine Grove, PA 17963 - (570) 915-6093

Raffle: AOAA Pavilion after the trail groups finish. General Raffle Tickets are $3 for 1, $5 for 2, and $10 for 4. Specialty Raffle Tickets are $10 each.
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Doylestown, PA
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  • Kevin Su
  • Tim Sangfield
  • Matthew Bernard
  • Mike Carpio
  • Anthony Biba
  • Nick Butts
  • Josh Sexton
  • William Stark
  • Rob Nofear
  • Keith Herstek
  • Kristian Paul
  • Steven Vilbert
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