Rear Radflow Emulsion vs. Bilstein 5100 ext travel

dtank Sep 13, 2016

  1. dtank

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    Centreville, Va
    I know there's been plenty of discussions about Radflow 2.0 vs. Bilstein 5100 front coilovers, but I havent found a straight forward answer for their rear shocks (Radflo Emulsions and Bilstein 5100 ext travel).

    I've only gotten mixed reviews about them and some said the they can't tell the difference between them. Some as extreme as people who after owning them for a short time, blew out their Bilstein's while wheeling.

    I have a set of stock height 600lbs Alcan leaf packs that I'm going to install with them. Bottom line is, I've read that Radflo's are stiffer and Bilstein's are bouncier and more comfy on the roads.

    I want a stiff ride to a certain extent. I've already decided that I def. want the Radflo 2.0 front coilovers, due to its slower rebound, slightly stiffer and more composed ride that also won't bounce as much when wheeling.
    What would make sense to pair with my Alcan's in the back?
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  3. Fromfrontier2Xterra

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    I have Alcan 450#. I started with Bilsteins and hated them. Bouncy and rode like shiat. Upgraded to Radflo. Love them. Ride is so much better. This is just my opinion though.

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