Pizza Cutters + 4" BS?

Gravity Feb 21, 2017

  1. Gravity

    Gravity Test Drive

    I currently run 235/85r16s (turns out to 31.7" tall, 9.25" wide per the mfg of the specific tire) on my '02 X (using stock spare wheels, 16x7" 5.5" BS) and haven't had a single issue with rubbing. I only run a 1.5" PML (not that it helps tire clearance, but I can't seem to get full stuff up front with the sway-away T-bars anyway) and have no intent to add a 2" BL as I already struggle with the incredibly high CG of this truck in some of the off-camber situations I get into.

    I love my pizza cutters and want to stick with them, but would like to add some width. Can anyone with experience let me know if I'll encounter rubbing issues with 4" of backspacing running these 31.7" tires that are ~9.25" wide? I know people say the wider arc makes the tire hit more things, but can anyone clue me into what exactly it might end up hitting? While I imagine it would just possibly be the fender, a lot of posts seem to let on it'd be more than that.

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