Ontario man takes car to Nissan dealership for repair, app shows it was then taken for 90-km trip


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I saw that on reddit. Blows my mind. The dealership accused the customer of illegally spying on the technician. Even though this was discovered through the customers insurance app which had a vehicle tracker. Absolutely insane.


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My dashcam has helped me once with a dealer and once with a different shop. The shop one was just over a year ago with my Xterra, and the dude was joyriding. Dogged the hell out of the engine, ran two stop signs, almost Dukes of Hazzard style jumped over train tracks, and on two separate stretches was doing over 30mph above the speed limit (which is reckless driving and equals jail time in Virginia). I sent screenshots and video to the manager and was immediately refunded for the visit. Never went back and never will.


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It will be interesting to see if Nissan Canada gets ahead of this.

One way to do it would be a public apology and a public firing of both the tech and the service manager involved.

A voucher for service could also be issued. One that would be valid at other dealerships.

Nissan has to be careful or it may no longer be standing a decade from now.
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