odd chunk going around corners - new shocks

re-run Mar 25, 2019

  1. re-run

    re-run Test Drive

    So, 2011 model, got new kyb shocks, gas adjust 2 I think. Rear shocks, btw.
    Put them on and now I have an odd sound and possibly slight feel to it.
    When driving, straight or cornering with above 20mph or so, everything seems great. Shocks seem to ride really well, ect. However, on low speed turns, I get some odd chunking sound. Not loud, and I am not sure if I am actually feeling it, or just thinking I am.

    I did not mess with the sway bar at all, or anything else. Just replaced the shocks. I torqued things back down, aprox 155 fl-lb for the bottom. I'd say at least 40 ft-lb on top nuts. I did NOT replace any of the nuts, or either top washer. I did put a thin coating of oil on the top bushings to help them slide on. Wheel lugs torqued to at least 100 ft-lb. Now, the top washer was dished on both sides, but given the relatively low torque value, I figured it was stamped that way.

    The shock bushings look to be rubber, maybe they have to bed in? Never had that on any other shocks or struts, but maybe? Maybe I missed a washer on the tops of the shocks? I only saw 1 on each side, with the nut. I used a dirty trick to break loose the bottom nuts. I got my box wrench on the nut and then used my jack to lift the wrench and break loose the nut. It did start to lift the axle before finally letting go. But I doubt that should have done anything, no different than if I used a breaker bar.

    So, I can't imagine anything is actually wrong, but I figured I'd check for suggestions.
  2. Prime

    Prime Some Kind of In Charge? Admin

    How many miles? I just had to replace my front hubs and had a very similar experience.
  3. re-run

    re-run Test Drive

    Just under 90,000. The shocks were about 1/4 inch longer than the stocks were, but given the age, there probably wouldn't have been any difference. Nothing started till the replacement. I'll just have to check the torque values again and check a few other things with the leafs, just to make sure I didn't accidentally loosen anything up.

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