Mod day at my house in O'Fallon, MO - Saturday Feb 9th

Deltaphi216 Feb 4, 2013

  1. Deltaphi216

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    Sorry about the short notice, I forgot to put up a thread over here...

    Hey all, I need to install my new suspension lift on the short bus. I have a couple of the local xterra guys coming out and thought that a bigger mod day might be fun. If you are interested, let me know. I just got a smoker for christmas so I'll have something smoking for food. I'll supply beverages along with it.

    So far I have:

    me (front and rear lift on my xterra)
    Boondox (front and rear lift on his xterra)
    BleednBlue (not sure what he needs done)

    and.... could be you!

    I have a 2 car garage in the suburbs so we'll have to swap vehicles around, but for smaller stuff like electrical, there's plenty of room. I have a large air compressor, but no air tools yet. I'm working on that...
  2. Macland

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    SW OK & formerly Eastern NM
    I think Cameron is in MO, but I'm not sure his distance from you. Sounds like a good time though.

    X nerds unite!

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