1. HammermillX07

    HammermillX07 Test Drive

    Aldergrove, B.C.
    Anyone successfully install an Injen PF1959P Powerflow CAI in their 05+ Xterra? They only list this for the Frontier and Pathfinder, anyone know why? Differences? mounting? transmission lines? I contacted the mfg. and the reply I got was that they had never actually installed one in a Frontier so they could not comment. I know that the only difference on the Volant for example is the addition of a scoop on the model for the Frontier version other wise they are exactly the same (verified by Volant). I cannot see there being any difference in geometry or fitment from the Frontier to the X for any CAI..., am I wrong?
  2. NoahSki

    NoahSki Wheeling

    Savannah Ga
    If it's for the VQ40. It fits
  3. thecoalition

    thecoalition Call me Daddy Super Moderator

    Richmond, Va
    There's no scoop on the volant if you're talking about the piece that goes to the bumper...at least neither of my 2 volants came with it.
    Side question - does the injen have a screen or something on the front? Not sure how I feel about that since youll be taking in hot air there...

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