HELP!! Im completely lost with these issues.


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I have a 2008 Xterra X, 177xxx miles.
Randomly SES / VDS / SLIP all came on and couldn’t go over 3k rpm. Pulled over and turned car off for 5min. Turned back on drove completely fine, SES still on. Tried to read codes with 3 different OBD readers, couldn’t connect to vehicle.
Did manual with gas pedal trick, read Throttle bottle Actuator codes (p2118 / p2100).
Reset the SES with pedal trick, Light is now off but under certain acceleration (quick blips) the SES will come on for a split second and go away. Car is driving perfectly fine, I’m completely lost. Anyone experwince the same thing? Or could point me in the right direction?
What in the world would cause the vehicle to not read? Any help is appreciated as I’m lost and this is my first option before I get screwed by a mechanic! Thanks


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With the lights on, swing by a dealer and have them read it with the Consult. Call first, but most dealers will do a quick scan without charging you.


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Being that you're having both VDC/SLIP/ABS and "circuit performance" issues, I would download the manual and clean all your chassis grounds and your battery terminals really well before I started throwing parts at it.
Sounds similar to what was happening on my 06, except it got worse when wet. Was a combo of the left rear speed sensor dying, and one of the wires to said speed sensor had rubbed the insulation off and was shorting whenever it got a bunch of water on it.

Also, when was your battery last replaced, and how good is it? I had a bunch of weird codes popping up and abs randomly shutting off on it when I had a bad battery in it.


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Battery is 4 months old so definitely not the issue, I reset the SES and now it’s not throwing a random flash when I blip the throttle quick, and runs perfectly fine as it did before all this happened. Not sure if I should throw a new throttle body on it? I’m confused as the car basically went into a limp mode (could barely get it up to 15mph) and I pulled over for a minute and started right back up like nothing happened. How would that have anything to do with the throttle body actuator and throw codes pointing to that?


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I forgot to mention, this happened right after I pressure washed the vehicle, especially the wheel wells. Could this possibly effect a ground somewhere on the chassis to cause that to trigger? This happened as I was leaving the wash station