Hannemann Fiberglass front/rear fenders


Bought an X
Just trying to gage interest in front and rear fenders for the second gen Xterra that are Titan Swapped or long travel. I spoke with Hal Hannemann at Hannemann Fiberglass. He has been meaning to get around to doing rears for the 2g Xterra. I said I knew of some folks that were interested (including me) I told him I would ask around and get a head count and that maybe we could do a group buy for front/rear and rears for those that already may have done the fronts.

He told me to call back in a month to see where he is at with them. They will be bolt/bond-on. Fender liners will have to be custom fabbed with sheetmetal (not real difficult to do)

They will match the lines of his front fenders

I Cross posted on TNX and Xterra Crew over on FB as well.