Ft Hood / Killeen / Austin meet up?

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Ft Hood, Texas
Hey Central TeXas Xterra brothers and sisters~ Couldn't find any regular outings or meet ups, so thought I'd check and see if there's enough peeps to get together once a month. I helped start the Heartland Xterra Owners Club back in the day and was President of the Arizona Xterra Club as well.
I have some experience getting some good meet ups and Xcursions going if there's interest. Some ideas to get going:

Friday night trip for BBQ and beer at Salt Lick
Camping trip followed by light wheeling
A group Mod day at someone's house
Non X stuff that still supports the X lifestyle like: Ziplining in Austin, Doing vehicle support for the Xterra Triathalon or other events

I just got back into the Xterra and got a 2000 that had been in Austin with one owner all of it's life. It's stock right now, but that will be changing a bit every month. I've been wheeling for awhile and did the first 3 GOX's, Gone Moab in 2004 and 2005 (been back on my own to Moab- last in Sept '12) and camp and hang out as much as possible.
I'm Active Army and work as a Radiology tech at Darnall, so my schedule keeps me fairly busy, but wanted to get back hanging with my fellow X'ers.

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Houma, LA
James (Roninjiro) was heading up a monthly gathering in your area. Maybe PM him and see if he's still doing it. I do wish I lived closer, but that's a ten hour drive for me. Houston I could make every other month or so.