Front wheel trim delete

Jeff Zuptich Dec 2, 2018

  1. Jeff Zuptich

    Jeff Zuptich Test Drive

    I am wanting to pull the plastics off from in front of & behind my front tires. We got 10” of snow last weekend & the slush & ice got caught up behind the wheel, leaving almost no room. Every time I would turn they would rub badly. Kicking it off doesn’t work because these pieces are cracked (original) & they just flop around. Not to mention that I would need to knock it off constantly.
    My question to y’all is: after unscrewing the plastic pieces & removing them, what should I do to the screw holes? Seems to me I will just be begging rust to eat my fenders. There’s already some rust that I plan on cutting away so I can put fatter tires on w/o lifting it but this is down thi line a ways & want to minimize rusting as much as possible.

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