Front end steering shot ( PP and Grassroots Steering center link MIA)

Neogixxer Nov 12, 2017

  1. Neogixxer

    Neogixxer Test Drive

    Hey everyone,

    So my front end steering is pretty much shot on my 2002 xterra. My truck has a suspension and body lift with 33" BFG tires. Calimi UCA and a idler arm brace.

    Since grassroots 4x4 and PP pretty much no longer exists, I can't pickup a new center link from them.

    My question is I don't really do much off-roading as I should and I don't wanna spend $600-$1000 right now on a 4x4parts or Calimini steering setup.

    How fast would a new stock center link last me with the 33" tires ? Cause my steering gear box looks like it's leaking too so I pretty much gotta replace that and the center link. Tie ends are still new (Moog). I just don't wanna replace the center link again in the next year or so.
  2. Prime

    Prime Some Kind of In Charge? Admin

    I wheeled hard for over 3 years on the stock center link with 33s. Yes, the grassroots is better, and if you want to go bananas the Total Chaos kit is still available via 4x4 parts I believe,but honestly, if you're not doing much wheeling a rebuilt box and moog center link should be fine. Just don't lose the IAB. Heh.
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  3. granitex

    granitex Skid Plates Founding Member

    Columbus OH
    I could save you some cash on the calmini setup, most of mine will be for sale cheap next month. I need to keep the pitman arm, and the idler arm needs new busings, and tyou will want to get new rod ends for the centerlink, but you get everything else. Center link, adjusters.

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