DIY accelerator cable replacement.


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Accelerator Cable Replacement

Approx. time: 10min (15min max)

Skill level: EASY
Tools needed: 14mm open end wrench & 10mm socket w/ short extension.

Step one:
If your cable looks like this... CHANGE IT! You can go awhile without changing it; but the burs/strands could get caught up within the cable sheath.


New accelerator cable from Courtesy Parts.

Find your model specific replacement cable here:


Step two:
Remove the cable at the rocker by rolling it back to give you slack.

There are nuts that hold the cable in place and can be loosened with a 14mm open end wrench. Not shown but you can see the last pic in this post.


Step three:
Use your 10mm socket to remove the part of the accelerator cable bolts from the firewall.


Step four:
Remove the end of the cable from the accelerator pedal,remove the white plastic "C" washer, unsnap the white plastic 'bushing' from the hole, then pull the cable through the firewall.


Step five:
Reassemble in reverse order.

Tighten with 10mm socket.


Don't forget to tighten up the nut behind the bracket with the 14mm wrench.



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Conroe, TX
Thanks buddies!

I encourage everyone to do a write up, no matter the simplicity. I wasn't sure how complicated this was going to be as I had never done this before and it turned out super easy.