Dash Lights Driving ME NUTS!

beardedattack Jul 11, 2019 at 12:07 PM

  1. beardedattack

    beardedattack Test Drive

    Hey guys, thanks for having me. I have been reading a lot of threads but can’t seem to pin point my issue.. Nissan Xterra 2006 s with 215000km ..

    So I can’t seem to get rid of these lights.... speedometer and tripometer also don’t work... have done the following.

    1. Changed front left ABS sensor
    2. Checked my battery and alternator to make sure it’s not power issue.
    3. Did IPDM-ER test and all is normal
    4. Pulled the ABS fuse, left it for 20 min then drove awhile and put it back .. no change
    5. Checked break fluid all is good
    6. Checked all breaks in front and back + redid pads in front and back
    7. I have switched the deffogger relay with the ECM and this caused no change either.

    I’m stumped at what it could be at this point. I’ve read so many threads but can’t seem to find where to go next...

    My battery tests at 13.32v when running maybe my alternator is going?? but my wifes truck shows the same she also has a 2006... with load they both drop down to 13.3-13.5v

    Thank you all in advance 43D1E30E-6C82-44A6-B671-64E0FBEEC8E5_1562784591721.jpeg

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