chuging at idel

john miller Nov 6, 2018

  1. john miller

    john miller Test Drive

    this is whats been replaced knock sensor ,spark plug wires ,spark plugs distributor cap and rotor, mass air flow sensor , thortle sensor it still doing it at idle goes below 500 rpms not sure what else to do or how to fix this issue it all started when a belt broke when we put it on scanner it said knock sensor was bad so we REPLACED it now we have this issue any help would be great forgot to add at speed its fine just when sitting at like a light
  2. Muadeeb

    Muadeeb Bastard Admin from Hell Admin

    Knock sensor is never an issue unless you're super charged, and even then it's minor and will never set the CEL.

    Check your timing and make sure your intake is properly attached with no rips.

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