Non Xterra - For Sale CANX: Ironman Instant Awning (6.5x8ft) + quick release brackets


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Cancelled - the 23 Zero awning was terribly designed and they’re refunding me.

For sale is my Ironman instant awning, size 6.5ft by 8ft long. First used this year and I’ve kept great care of it. I love having it, and the only reason I’m getting rid of it is aesthetics - I was offered a 23Zero awning in the exact same size, and buying that means it will perfectly match my RTT.

Included are the original brackets and hardware (not the Gobi bracket pictured), stakes and lines, and the Ironman quick release brackets and lock I purchased to fit those.

$200 for everything. Shipping would be astronomical, so that’s likely not an option.


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