Autometer A/t Temp Gauge Install - Which Test Port??

Installing a sending unit for an AutoMeter A/T temp gauge. The instructions say to install the sending unit into the transmission test port, but looks like the X has two of em? Any idea which one would be best for the most accurate temp reading?

FSM diagram:

These are technically line pressure test ports, not sure if the temp would be any different... If I were to guess, probably use the test port on the passenger side (Test port for D, 2, 1 positions)?

Anyone do this install? Were you getting accurate readings from the passenger side test port?


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Use the one for forward gears since you spend more time in drive than reverse (I assume). The fluid at that port will be under pressure and will give a more accurate reading.
Bah, so looks like this won't work after all. The test port is a super cryptic M10x0.9 thread!! Autometer only makes the M10x1.0 thread adaptor for the 1/4 NTP sending unit. So looks like I'll be installing it into the outbound cooler line (just before it goes into the rad trans cooler). T-connection with hose barbs and some hose clamps should do I think...