Airbag codes and how to pull 'em.


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You don't need a Consult machine to pull airbag codes. Here's how to do it yourself, with a list of the codes and what they mean.

Diagnosis mode activates only when a malfunction is detected, by turning ignition switch as follows:
1) Turn ignition switch “ONâ€￾.
2) After “AIR BAGâ€￾ warning lamp lights for 7 seconds, turn ignition switch “OFFâ€￾ within 1 second.
3) Wait more than 3 seconds.
4) Repeat steps 1 to 3 three times.
5) Turn ignition switch “ONâ€￾.

The codes will flash at you in the patterns shown below. Match the pattern to the failure and a quick trip to the FSM section and checking out the RS chapter will lead in the right direction to repairing your own vehicle.

Just remember that when working with anything in the airbag system, disconnect BOTH terminals of the battery and wait for at least 10 minutes before messing with the airbag system. This is a safety precaution, just do it!



After you've fixed it, reconnect the battery, positive first (less sparking) and start that bad boy up. The system should have cleared any codes, because you fixed it, and the light should be off. If the light is still on, pull the codes again and see what's up. Make sure the connectors are securely connected, all wiring is complete and return the vehicle back to user mode (turn off the ignition, wait a couple of seconds and turn the ignition back to "Run").

If the light refuses to turn off, you may have wiring issues in the harness. Although it is not recommended that you splice and repair wiring in the airbag system, you own the truck and are free to do with it what you please. Just make sure you're competent in wiring repair if you choose to do so.