ABS G-force sensor issue

checked the abs codes today and got 17 which is G sensor and circuit and 25 which is front left sensor. my question is has anyone had issues with the G sensor and what was the issue? how did you resolve it? location of the sensor? im going to look at the wheel speed sensor tomorrow, check connections, ect

i have to get it saftey inspected tuesday and im pretty sure in Maryland the abs light cant be on


Bastard Admin from Hell
G Sensor is located under the center console, right behind the SRS module. Check the wiring harness coming out of the ABS module in the engine bay. Beyond that, for the G Sensor, follow the procedure in the FSM -- www.nicoclub.com/FSM/Xterra/2000/br.pdf#page=58. Basically, you're checking for 5V at the harness where the sensor is, then checking that the sensor changes voltage as you turn it to certain positions.

For the wheel sensor, after checking the harness, you about have to shotgun the sensor. Page 49 of the PDF I linked above will describe the procedure