2020 British Columbia X’s


Bought an X
That’s the one.
Took the boy up there for our first camping trip in the X. Stayed at Roger creek recsite.


First Fill-Up (of many)
That's the road that finally did in my driver side wheel bearing and hub assembly a year ago in early November. It is the windiest mountain pass road in all of British Columbia that I have driven. Still safer than some mountain roads in Mexico and Bolivia though.

If folks are vehicle-touring British Columbia, the Duffy Lake Road between Whister-Pemberton and Lillooet should definitely be on the list. Budget lots and lots of time to take it nice and slow.

Incidentally, that 'fishing trip' was a disaster. First, the federal ministry of fisheries shut down the salmon fishery to retention on the day I arrived -- I was hoping to harvest a couple for the hot smoker. Second, the flow went from low and clear to mud flowing through the trees the next day. Something like 120 cubic metres per second to ~800 cm/s. Oh well. One has to learn to roll with the punches on the west coast.
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Test Drive
I'm up in PG. Have any of you attended the BCOR or are planning to this year. I have for the past 3 years and hope to get down again this year.

Yes was at BCOR in 2018. Had to miss this year and just waiting on dates for 2020 but really hoping I can be there.


Bought an X
Haven’t made it there yet, usually end up camping somewhere else that weekend. Sure looks like a good time. Maybe this year....