2002 SE S/C 4x4 Manual - Oklahoma

Ghjkl242 May 24, 2019

  1. Ghjkl242

    Ghjkl242 Test Drive

    Hopefully I'm not breaking the rules, I can't seem to read them. Posting this here because I'm not having luck with other channels...


    More pictures attached.

    This truck is not perfect but I will be 100% transparent with you on everything. Feel free to ask questions, I will answer them honestly and to the best of my abilities. I'll be adding more pictures later. I am selling because I am leaving for an 8 month trip from Alaska to Argentina on a motorcycle and I don't want this thing to sit and rot when someone could be enjoying it.

    *<65,000 mile JDM engine swap recently finished - previous engine blew both headgaskets
    *New parts with swap include:
    >Clutch/master and slave cylinders/flywheel/pilot bushing/throwout bearing
    >Various gaskets
    >Probably other things I'm forgetting
    *Tires have lots of tread left.
    *Interior in good shape - no rips in seats or carpet (currently has tools on the floor so didn't take pictures of most of the interior. I will update the ad once I get it cleaned up)
    *Original accessories included (roof rack basket, mudflaps, unused carpet floormats etc.) (not pictured)
    *I am the 3rd owner. Previous owners were a family and then their son. I flew to Denver, CO to pick it up.
    *All fluids changed shortly after purchase
    *Amazon Android head unit/carputer thing (not pictured)

    *Rear driver side window regulator broken - engine took precedence over this one
    *Swap completed recently - there are still some bugs to work out
    >Minor coolant leak behind intake manifold (very slow but you can see it)
    >Torsion bars had to be removed during swap; they now need adjusted
    >Needs alignment (since torsion bars were adjusted)
    >Throwing codes for crank sensor - not sure if it needs replaced or if it's a bad ground
    >Passenger bank seems rich - primary O2 on that side may need replaced
    >Chassis/body have 170k so things like bushings, dampers etc. could use replacement

    *Scratches and small dents (see pictures)
    *Paint on hood peeling
    *Door trim and rear bumper sprayed black - didn't get around to the front bumper so it's more of a gray. I'll give you the can of paint to finish it though.
    *Engine bay is dirty
    *4WD light comes on in 2H, can't figure out why

    Once again, don;t be afraid to ask me questions. The price is, of course, negotiable. Thank you for taking the time to read the ad.

    I am located in north central Oklahoma about halfway between OKC/Tulsa.

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  2. Hetzer

    Hetzer Bought an X

    Land of OZ
    Nice looking truck. Wish I could justify another one. Just curious, what is your asking price?
  3. Ghjkl242

    Ghjkl242 Test Drive

    Thanks! Sorry, should have put that in the post.

    $3100 is my current asking price.

    Thanks to the mod that fixed my post btw

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