2002 intermittent cylinder 2 misfire code


Test Drive
I have a 2002 SE with about 158k miles. It started randomly throwing a code and running rough so gave it a full tune up. Plugs, wires, cap and rotor, the works. It usually runs fine on first start up then acts up after, like if I go to the store and come back out. Went away for a bit then randomly came back. Tested it at my friend's shop on their snap on machine. Changed the injector and got worse for a while then went away altogether for about 2 months while it was really cold. Now it's randomly doing it again. Runs rough for a minute or 2 then clears up, code comes and goes.

I feel like if it was a mechanical issue it would always be doing it so leaning towards a loose connection or something? My mechanical skills are pretty basic so not too sure where to start.


Butterfly King
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Allen, Texas
Ah. Okay, so a couple things. Tell us which plugs did you use, and double check all your connections plug to wire to distributor. Also, this may be a distributor issue. My '03 ended up needing a distributor when i couldn't chase down the silly misfire.