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Steel_City_X Jan 5, 2020

  1. Steel_City_X

    Steel_City_X Test Drive

    Need to sell my 2000 Xterra, original owner. My son has it right now. Mods: CALMINI crawler gears idler arm brace, shocks, ARB FRONT and REAR Lockers, SLR 3” lift w/diff drop, full skid plates, 33x10.50x15 BFG MT KM’s. Front wheel wells trimmed for clearance. Still IFS. Patrol rear axle (really) not Xterra. Around 140,000 miles.

    the clutch has been an issue, and appears to be acting up. My son wants something smaller, fuel economy improvement. Body and interior are in good shape. The drive train upgrades are probably the most valuable items right now. 6F4FC5B4-80C2-4280-B9D1-9D23C155629F.jpeg 58C53E39-555E-4870-916D-3C480F2CBD10.jpeg E6A1CCC1-F055-49A1-9BA6-69C1B2DB656A.jpeg D6E53793-1FB2-4DFA-8A63-B39593A9799C.jpeg 7E0BC3D2-E97D-48C3-8963-227D36B9F86D.jpeg
  2. Prime

    Prime Some Kind of In Charge? Admin

    Where in CO? How much are you looking for?
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  3. reaver

    reaver Bought an X

    Caldwell, ID
    Prime, looking to pick up another 1st gen? LOL. If I hadn't bought mine 3 months ago, I'd be after this one. :D

    Out of curiosity, why switch to a Patrol axle? It's my understanding that the h233b in these things is damn near indestructible in the first place.

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